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From the owner

As the proud owner of the development, I would like to enligthen our future clients and visiting investors about my coffee farm and share some important details as follows.

I, Leul kelem, the owner of the development, have tried to show the coffee farm and all that comes with it as much as possible using pictures and descriptions. But before it all began and before I’ve recived a land for development from both the regional and zone Authorities, I’ve done the proper testing and sampling conducted by a professional to check the viablity of the land. 

After having the green light and having confirmend the capabilty of the land to grow coffee, and before we started developing the coffee plants seedlings, we have conducted various tests on the soil type, the surrounding forest, find the right coffee seedling that can adopt and survive in the climate from the coffee and farm reaserch center in DJIMMA.

Then we began by planting these coffee seedlings by Poly Tube and started developng them in a modern and specialized manner that can survive the climate and keeps the right distance between the seedlings when planting them as much as possible. By doing so, we’ve managed to produce high quality specialty coffee with stunnig development and also receive an award for excellence by the region.It is known the development has seen many changes or upgrades such as the planting of Gravilla trees for adding more beauty to the environment and provides a healthy coffee tourism site.

Therefore, I, Leul Kelem, Owner and Manager of the farm, personally would like to urge you to come and see the sheer beauty and majesty for your self because offcourse,

“Seeing is Believing”!!! Thank you.

Seeing is believing!

Leul Kelem

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