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Leul Kelem Coffee and Spices Production Development is a family owned coffee farm committed to produce high land grown good quality specialty coffee. The plantation has officially launched planting coffee on 428 hectares of land in 2012 G.C and now is in productive age. It is located in Sheka Zone, Kewo woreda near the town of Masha at Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPR) but formally recognized as ANDERACHA. The farm is using elite coffee varieties recommended by National Djimma Coffee Research Center. The farm produces organic forest coffee beans for local as well as international market. In addition to coffee, the plantation is involved in the harvest of natural and organic honey. The major objective of the plantation is to produce a specialty traceable Masha, Kewo natural and washed coffee with its distinct flavor and aroma. Coffee produced in Masha,Kewo region is known for its unique aroma, flavor, authentic taste and cup quality.


Establishment and Practices of the Coffee Farm/Estate : The coffee farm owns a total of about 428 hectare of land and is established in 2012 G.C. Currently, 320 hectares of the farm land is covered by elite coffee variety plantation. The coffee plantation is implementing an exemplary Agro – Forestry practice by using indigenous forest trees species like Cordia, Africana, Albizia Lebbeck, Miiletia Ferruginea as a natural shade. The plantation, from establishment to present, maintains sustainable production without Agro – Chemical intensive management practice. The plantation management is committed in applying effective soil and water conservation measures to prevent springs which is found within the premises of the farm and rivers which are found around the farm from pollution.

Three hectares of the plantation is covered by newly planted indigenous trees. Maximum effort is always in place for conservation of undisturbed indigenous forest and planting suitable shade trees. The plantation gives serious attention to environment, social, flora and fauna. The farm has its own facilities, drying beds, stores, pulping stations and the like. The plantation provides basic facilities like housing, sport facilities, get together events and potable water to employees.

LeulKelem P.L.C has an epic mission to produce a specialty coffee that captures the soul of its consumers by possessing its own distinct flavor and aroma. This will be done while achieving environmental protection goals and preserving the status quo on environment’s impact on the coffee processing specifically. This is a Core principle for the Founder personally. But more importantly increasing the volume of sales followed by a rise in production gained through a satisfied and growing customer base drives the establishment to provide the utmost quality specialty coffee.
The Founder envisions a strategically and scientifically driven approach that encompasses all aspects of the Coffee industry. Becoming one of the most prominent Ethiopian specialty coffee producers and exporters in the world will be a well-deserved reward to look forward to but having a country that thrives by its modern Agro – Forestry coffee practices and an advanced coffee tourism effort that benefits all types of communities is a vision worth achieving.



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