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Natural Description of the Coffee Farm/Estate

Our unique good quality coffee is of Ethiopian origin produced in one of Ethiopia’s best favorable coffee producing Masha, Kewo area located in South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State. The area is found at an altitude of 1700 – 2020 meters above sea level, has mean annual rainfall of 2000 mm – 2230 mm and 18o – 22o Centigrade mean temperature. The farm’s soil PH is 5.3 with Nitosol , brown red loam clay soil (forest soil) which is very rich in organic matter. The plantation has abundant rainfall and nutrient-rich soil, which are ideal conditions for growing coffee.

The coffee farm/estate is located in South Nation Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPR), in Sheka Zone, Kewo Woreda near the town of Masha. The specific site, Kewo, is located some 670 Km to the south west Ethiopian from capital Addis Ababa and 34 Km to the east of Masha town respectively.

Harvesting season

The harvesting season for the coffee is normally from November up to December for washed coffee and from November up to April for the natural coffee.


The farm has two methods of coffee processing – the Wet Method and the Dry Method. The Wet Method is used to obtain washed coffee where as the Dry Method is used to obtain natural (Sundried) coffee. We prefer the traditional method of coffee bean processing – solar powered drying. However, our standard of quality is nowhere traditional. We maintain a strict quality standard to serve both export and domestic market.


Its unique cup is well balanced acidity and body, good to fine quality and an excellent fruity flavor and aroma. Coffee produced in Masha, Kewo region is known for its unique aroma, flavor, authentic taste and cup quality. Our quality management standards include cupping quality, conducted by certified Q-Grader. 

Coffee Export

The farm has short experience in FOB coffee export business. It has started harvesting coffee only a year back. It used to sell almost all its exportable coffee at the auction center for other exporters. In spite of its infancy in the business, the farm has currently 320 hectares of coffee covered land. The farm produce on average about 300 tons of exportable coffee, where 80% is in Washed and 20% is in Natural (Sundried) form. The farm has great intention to produce a wide range of specialty coffee which has its own flavor and aroma. Moreover, UT2, RFA Code of Conduct that leads to sustainable coffee production of the highest quality is maintained.


Shipment of our products have started!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

The farm has strong ties with the communities of the coffee plantation. It assesses the needs of the communities and tries to fulfill their needs and alleviate their problems as much as possible. To this regard:-

  • The farm donated around Br. 250,000.00 for the construction of 6 kilo meter dry weather roads and Br. 74,000.00 for school supplies (tables and chairs) to the community school.
  • The farm supplied coffee seeds free of cost to 220 individual farmers so far and provide same for 50 individual farmers every year, which enabled the farmers to develop their coffee gardens, manage a cash crop and easily learn and understand modern technology and modern coffee production.
  • The farm provided unlimited access to farmers to wet and dry their coffee through the processing unit of the farm which consequently improved their coffee quality.
  • The farm organized out grower farmers around vicinity and gives them access to market, quality and high price nearby their homestead.
  • The farm also provided better varieties of coffee seeds and seedlings for small coffee farmers in the area.
  • The farm contributed in cash and in kind for the construction of the nearby health center.
  • The farm gradually hires hundreds of local residents that played a pivotal role in managing the plantation.

Map of southern region

Map of Masha District and Kewo Kebele

Location map of leul kelem coffee farm

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